ABC RN looks at the podcasting boom

I applaud my colleagues on ABC RN's Media Report for looking at what they're billing as the post-Serial podcast boom.

To me, this is a really interesting field. We know podcasting is hot right now, but I feel we don't know the true potential. Both in style, and in reach.

"In America, the scale is different," says the Media Report's Richard Aedy.


And he points out how very different ABC Radio's programs are, in style, from what's big in podcasts.


But I'm not so convinced that radio and podcasts need to be so strictly distinct.

I help to make a whole bunch of programs on RN, and I'm trying to use more of what I would call a contemporary radio-making style. And that's largely informed by what I'm hearing in podcasts.

It's not an easy proposition because I'm pretty sure that many of my colleagues have not heard much more than an episode or two of something like This American Life.

I feel ongoing radio shows need to learn more about the styles and techniques that are hooking in podcast listeners. Radio and podcasts need not be so different.

Thanks, Media Report! I enjoyed the show, but I couldn't hear the last three minutes because the ABC's web radio player always froze at 25.19 - sigh!

That's a GREAT question!

Bravo, Freakonomics Radio!

If you're a journalist, you need to listen to the many theories on why interviewees respond to you with, "that's a great question".

It may be distracting you from what you need to achieve, and that may be exactly why it was said!

So when was the last time it happened to me?

Well, that's a great... oh, just follow the damn link to their show!